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Trench Drain in large brewery in Ireland
Brewery in Kansas City

Trench Drain Systems is the leading supplier of drainage systems for distilleries, breweries and micro-breweries around North America.

Brewery floors slope toward drainage systems to prevent standing water during the brewing and bottling processes. The slight grade, about ¼" per foot, is subtle but can complicate the concrete pour.

Trench drains simplify a brewery’s concrete floor, one of the earliest stages in any brewery buildout. With a brewery trench drain, the floor contractor’s work is simplified. And simpler is always better.

Where you’ll find brewery drains:

MEA Pro Plus 100 brewery drain

Water usage depends on the size of brewery and generally is 2 to 5 times the amount of beer produced.  At minimum, install a 4" trench drain system for your brewhouse floor. The trench drain should be pre-sloped for quicker drainage and offer a catch basin to catch solids before the effluent reaches the plumbing.

Ask yourself:

  • Does my application require a greater flow volume that a standard 4" wide drain?
  • What load will the grating and drain experience? Pedestrian or Fork truck?
  • What temperature requirements will this drain need?
  • How corrosive are the solutions I’m putting in the drain?
  • What aesthetic, if any, are we trying to convey?
Brewery floor drain with stainless steel grate

Temperatures in Brewery Drains

Temperatures in portions of the process are high, making plastic trench drains inappropriate for breweries. Ensure your brewery drains will last by installing stainless steel; vinyl ester concrete or fiberglass; or GRP/SMC.

** Continual Use Temperatures are general & do not reflect chemical concentrations that may be present during your brewing process

Polymer concrete, SMC/GRP and stainless steel are close to the same thermal expansion as is concrete. Because of this, there is little or no stresses due to differential expansion during a hot water cleaning event.

quoteI am the project manager for Finished Concrete in West Branch Michigan. I am writing this to you to express my feelings for the job Hannah did for us yesterday. We were in a bit of a bind when I contacted your company. We needed a stainless steel trench drain for a brewery project we are working on. I spoke to Hannah at least 6 times throughout the day to get our situation resolved. Hannah was friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and helpful. As a result she was able to help me find the best solution for our application and get us back on schedule for the project. Tell her Thanks again from all of us at Finished Concrete.

Best Regards,

Matt Bayne, Finished Concrete

Catch Basins

Trench drain systems can be accompanied by a catch basin. At 12" or more deeper than the trench, a catch basin is a "settling tank" to prevent solids from backing up your brewery pipes. Catch basins are connected to the trench drain and open to the brewery. Catch basins do not prevent smells.

Pro Tip:

  • Design your trench drain to handle pallet jacks – because it’ll happen someday, whether you planned for it or not.

Recommendations for Brewery Drainage Systems


Our Drainage Specialist's Recommendations

Hannah's Recommendations for Brewery Trench Drain Systems

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SS600 stainless steel drain floor drain

SS600 Stainless Steel Drain
by TDS dropTrench Drain Systems

Stainless steel is the material of choice for trench drain channels in a brewery application because of its resistance to chemicals and high temperatures while giving a nice sterile finish.

Custom 8” and 12” stainless brewery drains are also available.

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Polycast 600 w/stainless HD bar grate and stainless edge protectors Polycast 700 with frame and ductile slotted grate
Polycast 600/700 (by Hubbell)
Polymer or Vinyl Ester Concrete

Polycast polymer or Vinyl Ester concrete systems with stainless steel edging and grates are a good alternative to stainless steel channel bodies.  Polymer channels are chemically inert and resistant to high temperatures.  Polycast systems can meet any brewery demand.

The Polycast 700 Series is a durable drainage system with polymer concrete channel bodies and 4" channel interior. Polycast 700 Series is not prone to shifting after installation and offers a selection of accessories to make cleanouts more accessible. The system’s frame and cast iron or ductile iron grate reinforce the system to Class D or E load rating.

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Pro-Plus 100 Series with Iron Grates, shown 10+ years after brewery installation
Pro-Plus 100 Series (by MEA-Josam)

MEA’s Pro-Plus series featured a glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) and sheet molding compound (SMC) capable of handling 210F heat without warping. Each Pro-Plus system offers standard, bottom or side outlets for adaptable designs to suit your brewery layout.

Diverse grating options include STARFIX iron, stainless and plastic clip-in grates. STARFIX grates eliminate traditional locking devices, leaving more room for effluent flow without sacrificing load rating. Pro-Plus grates reinforce the system up to pallet jack and forklift traffic.

The 8” Pro-Plus 200 system is also available for large scale brewery projects.

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3000 Series Trench Drain
Polycast Trench Drain
Zurn Z882 Trench Drain