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Trench drain systems designed for high foot traffic areas such as sidewalks and streetscapes are built with safety and style in mind.  In heavily trafficked pedestrian areas, ADA compliant grating is specified by the architect.  Heel-proof grates, with perforations smaller than 3/8" diameter, are becoming common on sidewalks, in front of buildings, and anywhere high heeled shoes might be worn by residents or clientele.

PolyDrain Courtyard trench drain - Oblio cast iron grateThink about this:

drainage system in municipal courtyard

The shift toward safety in surface drainage led to innovation among grating manufacturers, creating new products focused on aesthetics as well as practicality.  Decorative metal grating is becoming a popular drain cover for handling both foot and vehicular traffic.  Grating options are growing, offering many colors and styles to choose from to match the surrounding architecture.

Patriot grate in Polycast 600 channel w/Polyguard edge protectorsDecorate with the Patriot Grate

The stars and stripes pattern of the Patriot grate gives a patriotic flair to your trench drain system. Patriot is a ductile cast iron grate for the polymer concrete Polycast 500, 600, and 700 Series trench drain systems by Hubbell and the SS600 stainless steel drainage system by TDS dropTrench Drain Systems. Part# DG0692.

Now produced by Trench Drain Systems, the Patriot grate is ADA Compliant and Made in USA!

Load Class C. Painted black.


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Polycast 600 w/ADA Compliant grate
Polycast 600 (by Hubbell)

With an option for ADA Compliant / Heel Friendly grates (shown), Polycast 600 is a logical solution when dealing with both pedestrian traffic and heavier loads.

Conditions sometimes call for trench drains along curbsides.  The pre-sloped Polycast 600 Series is an easy solution to roadside trench drains.  With durable iron grates, the 6" system captures water runoff without losing integrity. read more button

Iron Age tree grate
Iron Age Designs

Popular with architects and commercial contractors, Iron Age Designs is becoming known for its growing selection of ADA or heel-proof grates.  The cast iron foundry offers decorative trench drain grates and tree grates for the streetscape more button

ABT PolyDrain trench drain w/Paver Slot grate
PolyDrain by ABT

With ADA compliant and heel friendly grates ABT PolyDrain is the smart solution when dealing with both pedestrian traffic and heavier loads.  Paver adapters transform the 6” system into a slot drain, letting PolyDrain capture water runoff across any surface without losing more button

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