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Kennels install trench drain systems within animal enclosures.  Installing trench drains allows for quick wash downs that ensure sanitary conditions for pets.

Choose a kennel trench drain system with either slotted or perforated grates that prevent animal paws and claws from getting stuck.  Smaller grate openings have the added benefit of catching animal waste before it enters the drain, making cleanup easier.  Pre-sloped and neutral channel options are available depending on the length of the run and the drain budget.

HDPE channel bodies and trench grates are lightweight and do not hold odor. Plastic catch basins and sediment baskets catch animal waste and other debris before it clogs outlet pipes, allowing kennel trench drains to function optimally.


Our Drainage Specialist's Recommendations

Kendra's Recommendations for Kennel Trench Drain Systems

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Polylok trench drain
Polylok (by Zabel)

The Polylok channel drain is a sturdy system made from HDPE.  It is resistant to chemical attack and odor buildup.  The Polylok channel has no slope which makes the installation simple and keeps cost at a minimum.  A thick mesh grating (48" long) is foot and paw friendly.  Polylok is available in 4 colors and is the best value drain for small kennels and dog runs that don’t require pre-sloped drains. read more button

NDS Dura Slope
Dura Slope (by NDS)

Dura Slope, a durable HDPE plastic system with plastic slotted or perforated grate options, is one of the most popular channel drains for commercial kennel applications.  The Dura Slope pre-sloped system offers a catch basin-sediment bucket combination to filter out solid debris while draining away liquid waste. read more button

Polycast 600
Polycast 600 (by Hubbell)

Polycast 600 is a hardy, pre-sloped polymer concrete trench drain that comes in 48" lengths.  The channel is made with polymer resins making the channel strong, low porosity and a popular choice in commercial kennels.  With its in-line catch basin and sediment bucket, the Polycast 600 system is an asset in big kennel more button

Fiberglass mesh grating - 1inch
Fiberglass Grating (by TDS dropTrench Drain Systems)

Trench Drain Systems offers custom fiberglass grating for those kennels looking to build their own drain or need to replace corroded or worn grating.  Molded mesh grating and pultruded bar grating is available in a variety of opening sizes.  For those building new drains, non-corrosive fiberglass angle frames are available to use when defining the drain grate more button

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