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Loading docks trench drains vary based on expected water flow.  Though trench drains for loading docks do not have a standard trench width, size should depend on the water runoff the system can support.  Consider installing a 4" pre-sloped polymer concrete trench drain in truck ramps with limited runoff water.

Loading docks with larger trucks and water flow should install a reinforced drain at least 8" across.  Install HS20 or HS25 load rated trench drains with Class D or Class E trench grates in loading docks significant tractor trailer and forklift traffic.

Trench forming systems and cast-in-place trench drains are more common in loading docks with higher flow rates due to material costs and flow requirements.

Loading dock drain

Think About:

  • Surface Area.  How much surface area slopes toward the drain? Loading docks with more uncovered surface should consider a high volume trench drain.
  • Design Layout.  Does the project call for customization?  When a loading dock project comes with a complex layout, former trench drains can adapt to intersections, slope and channel shape requirements.
  • Trench Grates. You won’t need heel proof grates in a loading dock, but put extra consideration into durability before ordering.  Due to heavy traffic in loading docks, always choose a cast iron or ductile iron grate.

Our Drainage Specialist's Recommendations

Kendra's Recommendations for Loading Dock Trench Drain Systems

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Polycast 700 Series
Polycast 700 Series (by Hubbell)

Small docks with low water flow are should use a 4"-6" trench drain with a built-in slope such as the Polycast 700 Series.  This 6" Polycast trench drain has an interior width of 4" and a pre-sloped channel body that makes rapid water evacuation a breeze.  With a HDPE or cast iron frame, the 700 Series is durable enough to handle semi-trucks and forklifts without channel break down. read more button

EconoDrain #12 PT-3
EconoDrain #12 Series (by MultiDrain)

The 12" former system by MultiDrain Systems combines the design flexibility of a frame-and-grate system with the convenience of a modular trench drain.  The system's heavy duty cast iron grates and frames reinforce the concrete channel body, creating a durable system perfect for loading dock applications. read more button

Neenah Trench Drain R-4999 Series
R-4990 Frame-and-Grate (by NFCO)

Neenah Foundry's R-4990 Series frame-and-grate lets you fully customize your layout for tricky loading dock projects.  The system's heavy duty iron grates are available in several patterns from standard slotted to transverse grates. read more button

3000 Series by TDS

3000 Series by TDS dropTrench Drain Systems

The 3000 Series is a high volume drainage system with an integral steel frame that reinforces the system. Secured ductile iron grates upgrade the system to a Class F load rating. read more button

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3000 Series Trench Drain
Polycast Trench Drain
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