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stadium camera dolly on trench drain

Trench drain has a big role in keeping sport tracks and fields well drained.  Rainfall makes playing on open grass or turf difficult, if not impossible.  Playing on sodden ground increases the likelihood of mud, damaged turf, and player injury.  Tennis courts, pools, golf courses and athletic fields all are designed with trench drain systems that quickly remove rain water both on and off the field.

ACO drain in stadium at running track

Pre-sloped and non-sloped systems are commonly used in these applications.  Standard pedestrian and light vehicular traffic slotted grating is often used in sporting venues.  Galvanized steel and HDPE grating are a common grating material choice, but heavier duty cast iron or reinforced steel grating can be specified in areas where a higher volume of wheeled traffic will occur.


Our Drainage Specialist's Recommendations

Kendra's Recommendations for Sport Track / Stadium Drainage

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Alpha-Channel trench drain
Alfa Channel (by MultiDrain)

The Alfa Channel by MultiDrain offers quick drainage on the sidelines of the field.  The system's galvanized steel slotted or perforated grates to meet ADA requirements. read more button

EconoDrain No. 6 Series
EconoDrain No. 8 Series (by MultiDrain)

The EconoDrain #8 catches high volumes of runoff water along bleachers and other high flow areas.  With ADA grating, non-slip grates and fiberglass grating options, EconoDrain #8 proves its versatility in more than just utility. read more button

Zurn Z886
Z886 Perma-Trench (by Zurn)

Zurn’s Z886 Perma-Trench is ideal for applications such as sidewalks and concessions where water runoff and pedestrians combine. The Z886 provides people-friendly covers that are ADA compliant and corrosion more button

Gatic Ultra Slot Drain
Gatic UltraSlot Drain

Gatic UltraSlot captures sheet flow runoff from heavy downpours.  With 100% open surface area, Gatic slot drains create a solid line of defense against heavy runoff in stadium parking lots. read more button

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3000 Series Trench Drain
Polycast Trench Drain
Zurn Z882 Trench Drain