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Trench drain in processing room of winery - cast iron transverse grates

The wine making process has a number of stages, all which require some form of trench drain.  Simplified, the process includes grape pressing, fermentation, barreling and bottling.  Each process location uses floor drains.

Ask yourself:

Most wineries don’t use a deluge of water to clean the equipment and floors.  As a rule, the standard piping used in the winery floor plumbing is 4" diameter.  Four inch wide trench drain is the optimum width drain for this plumbing design; larger drains require larger plumbing.

Design winery floor drains for fork truck traffic unless it is impossible or impractical for such a load to occur.  Standard trench drain practices for fork truck and pallet jack use include a frame and some sort of cast iron grate.  If not required, many options are available for pedestrian or even automobile traffic load.

Floor drain in Calif. winery

Where you’ll see Winery Trench Drains:

  • Pressing rooms
  • Fermentation areas
  • Barreling rooms
  • Bottling facilities

Bronze Mini Channel grates Tasting Room & Patio Areas

Some areas of the winery require small holes for either pedestrian safety (heel-proof grates) or to screen out debris.  Perforated and heel-proof options are available in all load classifications. 

Jon Ross Project - Aluminum grates from TDSIf aesthetics are an added consideration, grating is available in functionally decorative cast iron, bronze, aluminum or stainless steel for a clean look.

Recommendations for Winery Drainage Systems


Our Drainage Specialist's Recommendations

Hannah's Recommendations for Winery Trench Drain Systems

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NDS Dura Slope
Dura Slope (by NDS)

Dura Slope, a durable HDPE plastic system, resists acidic winery byproducts and cleaning solutions.  The Dura Slope pre-sloped system offers a catch basin-sediment bucket combination to filter out solid debris while draining away liquid waste.

Grating options include Stainless steel, cast iron, ductile iron, as well as slotted plastic. read more button

Polycast 600 w/stainless grate and edging
Polycast 600 (by Hubbell)

Polycast 600 is a hardy, pre-sloped polymer concrete trench that is heat and chemical resistant.  Polymer concrete with Vinyl Ester resin provides additional protection against heat and chemicals. 

Numerous grate choices accommodate heavy traffic, acidic liquids and pedestrian safety.

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3000 Series by TDS

3000 Series by TDS dropTrench Drain Systems

The 3000 Series combines a chemical and heat resistant fiberglass channel drain with high volume capabilities to make it an excellent choice in wineries.  Heavy iron grates resist forklift or pallet jack traffic while fiberglass options fare well in production areas. read more button

Recommendations for Winery Patio Drainage

NDS Mini-Channel w/deco Bronze grate
Mini Channel (by NDS)

Choose an affordable and effective channel drain with the 3” NDS Mini Channel.  The Mini Channel offers accessories to fit any intersection, corner or angle on your project.  Featuring heel friendly bronze and aluminum grates. Slotted plastic as well as decorative plastic and cast iron grates are also available. NDS Mini Channel guarantees a stylish finish to your patio drain. read more button

4" round bronze and aluminum grates4" round bronze slotted grate in elbow
4" Round Point Drain Grates (by TDS dropTDS)

Quickly install a point drain where needed with our 4" diameter grates. Featuring heel friendly bronze and aluminum in 3 different patterns.

Select a pattern that matches our grates made for the NDS Mini Channel system. Create a coordinated finish with your patio drains.

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3000 Series Trench Drain
Polycast Trench Drain
Zurn Z882 Trench Drain