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Natural Looking  •  Chocolate Brown  •  Weathered Appearance
City of New York manhole cover with BooF

Nothing beats cast iron for permanence, raw strength and beauty.  But nobody likes the initial orange rusting period and waiting one to two years for the natural patina to develop.

Trench Drain System’s Baked on Oil Finish (BooF) is a pre-rusting process which seals in a chocolate brown, natural looking, weathered appearance and bypasses the initial rusting episode.

raw cast iron vs. BooF finish

When exposed to the elements, raw cast iron will initially turn from silver to an orangish brown as the exterior weathering oxidation begins.  Over time, a stable oxide exterior patina forms that results in the dark brown appearance we are used to seeing on old cast iron.  Take a look at an old manhole cover in the street and you will see the result of years of cast iron aging.  This natural process does require time, though, and the unsightly rust runoff can cause appearance problems on nearby surfaces.

sun grate raw/boof comparison
Be aware, the grates will eventually develop brown rust (time dependent on location, amount of traffic and weather conditions). This is normal in the aging of cast iron.
sun grate raw/boof comparison

Proprietary Finish

BooF is NOT a painted on finish.  There is nothing ‘instant’ about properly weathering cast iron.  Our 20 step process is labor intensive and requires specialized equipment.

Trench Drain System’s proprietary BooF process has been heavily researched by our own metallurgist.  Several years of testing were performed to create the best looking and longest lasting finish.  Like any finish exposed to the outdoor elements, our environmentally friendly BooF finish will eventually wear and be replaced by a natural cast iron patina.

TDS’s BooF processing equipment currently has the ability to handle cast iron pieces up to 47” long.  We work with several foundaries so, with your specifications, we can also supply the cast iron grates, curbs, and other cast iron pieces.  If your project requires the special treatment of a cast iron weathered-in look, call us today for a quote.

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