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Neenah Foundries Co. cast iron grateWith over 125 years of casting experience, Neenah Foundry Co. is a leading foundry for municipal and industrial cast iron trench grates. Neenah trench drains extend from light duty residential applications to extra heavy duty military and airport applications. Whether you’re looking for replacement cast iron trench grates or a newly installed system, Neenah Foundry has it.

R-4990 & R-4999

Neenah R-4990 Frame and Grate drain system

Frame and Grate System


Neenah R-4990 Frame and Grate drain system

Airport-rated Frame and Grate System



T Frame System


Neenah R-4994-S-frame-system

S Frame System

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R-4995 & R-4996

Neenah R-4995 - R-4996 Type M Frame

M Frame System


Neenah R-4996 self forming tranch pan w-6" outlet

Self-Forming Trench Pan


Neenah R-4999 Vaned Type L Series

L Frame System

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