water drain at winery - Sonoma, CA

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TDS is looking to feature great photos and installation stories

TDS is planning its summer season retrospective. We're on the hunt for great projects to feature, and I want to use yours.

We'll be featuring the best photos - and contractors - in upcoming months.

Send in the 5 best trench drain photos (or video) from your project
– photos that show off your style or installation skills.

photo taking
Case Study
Installed Polylok drain (cast iron grate) and NDS catch basin (Bullseye grate)
Video tips to go the extra mile:
  • Clean up any leftover installation equipment before photographing
  • Film in landscape (horizontal) position
  • Move the camera in slow motions
  • Don’t film into direct sunlight
  • Highlight the best part of your project
  • Have fun! Tell your story
trench drain around stadium running track
Questions to answer in a Case Study:
  • Why did the site need trench drain?
  • What hurdles did you face (site conditions, deadlines, etc.)?
  • How did you design around them?
  • Where is the project located?
  • What thoughts do you have on the finished product?

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Iron Age Interlaken grate in NDS Mini Channel
Installation of NDS Dura Slope in dog kennel
3000 Series trench drain installed at Columbia University
Stainless Trench Drains
Zurn Trench Drain
Polycast Trench Drain
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