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FP1200 Series - by Trench Drain Systems


The FP1200 Series is a Pre-Sloped Trench Drain System. This drain is 12" wide and comes in both 4' and 8' lengths for maximum flexibility. The preformed trench drain shall be a polyester matrix. The frame clear opening dimension shall be 11.86" and the channel widths shall be 12.19” with full bottom radius. The grating and frames shall be made of steel (ASTM A-36), ductile iron (ASTM A-536), and meet AASHTO HS-20 and FAA load requirements. Ideal for use in high volume roadways as it boasts a flow rate of over 6700 gallons per minute. Grates are rated for HS-20 and up to DIN Class F. Designed with the installer in mind, this revolutionary design incorporates full 360° interlocks and prefabricated turns and tees to minimize installation time.

FP1200 Series Cheat Sheet
Channel Length 4 feet (48"), 8 feet (96”)
Channel Width 11.86"
Outlet Size 6", 8", 10"
Available Slope 1%
Max. Flow Rate 6700+ GPM
FP1200 Series 12 inch trench drain along road berm

Typical Applications:

  • Highways
  • Airports
  • Ports & Shipyards
  • Refineries
  • Fire Stations
  • Military Bases
  • Rail Terminals

Installation Benefits

The FP1200 Series Trench Drain System is designed specifically for fast installation. By utilizing 96 inch long sections and prefabricated turn and Tee-s the need for field modifications prior to concrete placement is all but eliminated. 360 degree interlocks mean that almost no time is spent having to ensure proper alignment. This leads to a much faster installation time than other systems meaning there is a lower final cost and better value to the end user.

FP1200 Series Trench Drain System Details

FP1200 Series Sales Brochure
(coming soon) pdf
FP1200 Series Installation Guide
(coming soon) pdf
Part No. Description PDF
FP1200 Series Channel pdf
FF1200 Frame pdf
FA1200A End Cap Adapter pdf
FA1200C End Frame Plate pdf
FA1200D Splice Adapter pdf
FA1200S Bottom Outlet Adapter pdf
FP1200 Series - exploded view


Grating Options

Trench Drain Systems enhanced the 3000 Series™ with an updated list of grate options with seven standard options.  The system offers grates to meet Class C – F loading.

Choose among three heavy-duty ductile iron grates for Class E and Class F loading.  For commercial projects, pick from ductile iron, galvanized steel or stainless steel grating.

Photo Grate Description Class Part No. PDF Availability
FP1200 Series FG1246 Class F grate Ductile Iron Slotted Grate Class F FG1246 pdf Coming Soon
FP1200 Series FG1242 ductile iron grate Ductile Iron Slotted Grate Class E FG1242 pdf Coming Soon
FP1200 Series FG1275 ADA grate ADA Ductile Iron Grate Class E FG1275 pdf Now Available!
FP1200 Series FG1241 ductile iron grate Ductile Iron Slotted Grate Class C FG1241 pdf Now Available!
Galvanized steel bar - Class C grate Galv. Steel bar Grate Class C FG1248R pdf Coming Soon
Stainless Steel Bar - Class C grate Stainless Steel Bar Grate Class C FG1247R pdf Coming Soon

Click photo to view larger.

Catch Basins

Trench Drain Systems offers FP1200™ catch basins to help catch sediment and debris. Our sediment basket is designed with inverted V handle for easy removal.

FP1200™ catch basins come in 12” and 24” widths. Basin frames are available in Zinc plated or Stainless. We offer four grating options: ductile iron, fiberglass, galvanized bar, and stainless bar.

Photo Description Weight Part No. PDF
12x24 Catch Basin for 3000 Series 12" x 24" Catch Basin w/Frame   CB3012 pdf
24x24 Catch Basin 24" x 24" Catch Basin w/Frame   CB3024 pdf
Sediment Basket for Catch Basins Sediment Basket   CA1224TA pdf
Catch Basin Pipe Outlet Catch Basin Pipe Outlet   CB3000A pdf
DG1241D catch basin grate for CB3012 14" x 24" Ductile Iron Slotted Grate for Catch Basin 60lbs. DG1241D pdf
24x24 Ductile Iron Slotted Catch Basin Grate - DG2441D 24" x 24" Ductile Iron Slotted Grate for Catch Basin   DG2441D pdf
24" x 24" Fiberglass I-Bar Grate for Catch Basin 24" x 24" Fiberglass I-Bar Grate for Catch Basin 20lbs. DG2444 pdf
24" x 24" Stainless Bar Grate for Catch Basin 24" x 24" Stainless Steel bar grate for Catch Basin   DG2447R

Click photo to view larger.

3000 Series - catch basin 12 x 24
3000 Series - catch basin 24 x 24
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