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Infinity Stainless steel driveway drainInfinity Drain has pioneered a new era of shower drains that eliminates traditional central floor drains.  Offering linear drain systems in various lengths and styles, Infinity Drain allows installers to pitch floors in one direction.

Infinity Drain low profile channel drains provide stylish drainage in a variety of areas including bathrooms, door thresholds, courtyards, pool decking and balconies.  Featuring ADA compliant stainless steel grating, Infinity drains are both charming and functional.

Infinity Stainless steel drain

Use Infinity Drains in:

Choose by Channel Type

Infinity Drain makes channel bodies to fit any application or plumbing constraint. Pick a fixed length linear drain with central, end or side outlet. Or, adjust the length using one of Infinity’s Site Sizable systems.

S(PVC) SeriesInfinity S-AG Series
S-AS SeriesInfinity S-AS Series
FF SeriesInfinity FF Series
FT SeriesInfinity FT Series
FX SeriesInfinity FX Series

Grate Designs

Infinity Drain offers five patterns of stainless steel grates to fit their PVC channels and Stainless linear drains.

Infinity Drain Shower Drain grates

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