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fancy bathroom shower drainFixed Length Linear Drains

Infinity Drain's offering of fixed length linear drains combines a pre-pitched channel with stainless grating for high quality performance and design.

Choose Infinity's FX Series shower drains for a complete shower drain kit with five architectural grate designs.

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Choose a Stainless drain:

· 65 (2-7/8")

Choose the 65 mm Fixed Length linear drain system by Infinity Drain for quick and stylish water capture. With five patterns of stainless grating, Infinity’s FX Series offers custom design within a fixed length.

FX stainless shower drain drawing
Kit Length Wedge Wire (AG) Circle Perforated (DG) Tile in Frame (TIF) Offset Oval (ED) Marc Newson (MN)
20"      checkbox    
32"  checkbox  checkbox    checkbox  checkbox
36"  checkbox  checkbox    checkbox  checkbox
40"      checkbox    
42"  checkbox  checkbox    checkbox  checkbox
48"  checkbox  checkbox  checkbox  checkbox  checkbox
60"  checkbox  checkbox  checkbox  checkbox  checkbox

· 125 (5-1/8”)

For faster drainage, choose the FXAS Series. With 5-1/8" wide exposed surface and a clamping floor drain that connects to 3" pipe, the FXAS Series handles up to 21 gallons of water per minute.  The system’s 2 mm wedge wire grating provides a smooth, elegant finish to a functional shower drain.

Infinity FX shower drain drawing
Kit Length Wedge Wire (AG)
32"  checkbox
36"  checkbox
42"  checkbox
48"  checkbox
60"  checkbox
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