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Jay R. Smith sells and distributes the unique Enviro-Flo II Series as well as a core group of ACO trench drain systems.  Jay R. Smith offers some of its own grating options to complement ACO channels, which makes the Smith/ACO trench drain product line an advantage in certain applications.


Jay R. Smith Enviro-Flo II

Enviro-Flo II trench drain systems combine the drainage efficiency of a pre-sloped channel with the easy handling of a lightweight HDPE channel.  With interchangeable grates, the Enviro-Flo II 9930 and 9931 Series can meet the style and load requirements of a broader range of trench drain applications.


Jay R. Smith Fiberglass Drains

Jay R. Smith’s pre-sloped fiberglass system evacuates large quantities of standing water.  At 10" wide, the fiberglass channel's 1% slope allows for high volume drainage.  Cast iron grates strengthen the system for pneumatic tire traffic and ductile iron grates strengthen the system for solid tire traffic.

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Jay R. Smith Polymer Concrete Drains

Jay R. Smith's commercial-grade polymer concrete drains provide quick drainage across a range of applications from residential to industrial.  With interchangeable grates and integral edge railing, Jay R. Smith's commercial concrete trench drains let you adapt to project parameters without added hassle.


Jay R. Smith Specialty Trench Drains

Drain depth-restricted surfaces with Jay R. Smith's specialty trench drains.  Whether you need a low profile channel drain or a membrane drain, you'll find your solution with Smith/ACO.

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