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MEA trench drain installation

Find the right MEA trench drain for your project with Trench Drain Systems.  MEA’s line of concrete and fiberglass trench drain systems handles any application, no matter how big or small.

MEA-Josam Pro-Plus Drains

MEA-Josam’s Pro-Plus trench drains are made with glass-reinforced polyester, giving them strength superior to other trench drain systems on the market.  The Pro-Plus channel system is available in three interior widths of 4", 8" and 12".  Channel lengths are available in 1 meter (39.4") and 1/2 meter (19.7") sections.  The same grating options available in MEA's polymer concrete lines are present in the Pro-Plus line.

• Breweries      • Wineries
• Sidewalks      • Loading docks

Residential MEA Drain

MEA’s MEArin100 residential trench drain features lightweight fiberglass for faster, easier installation. MEArin100's unique optional bottom outlet traps dirt and odor, preventing clogged drains.

Choose from decorative cast iron grating with standard lockdowns or use lightweight plastic slotted grates. MEA also offers galvanized steel and stainless steel grates for pedestrian, light vehicle and commercial traffic.

• Paver patios      • Home driveways
• Backyard patios      • Sidewalks

Commercial/Industrial MEA Drains

MEADRAIN Supreme polymer concrete trench drains lead the market in product diversity. MEA trench drains beat ACO trench drain and JR Smith drainage systems in side-by-side comparisons. With complex layout options and chemical resistance, MEA’s polymer concrete trench drains outperform similar trench drain systems. Choose a polymer concrete channels in 4", 6", 8" or 12" widths to meet your flow requirements. Unlike many competitors, MEA’s commercial drains feature integral channel edging in galvanized steel, stainless steel or iron.

          • Food processing      • Breweries      • Loading Docks      • Stadiums

MEA polymer concrete channels support a number of applications, including airports, parking lots, warehouses, food processing facilities and gas stations.  Choose from lightweight galvanized steel grates or heavier cast iron grates to support any vehicle traffic.  MEA's chemical resistant polymer trench drains also include grating for chemical processing facilities.

Specialty MEA Drains

MEA offers specialty drains as a solution to drainage problems in parking garages, warehouses or running track applications.  At 1 meter long, MEA's shallow channels fit together quickly for an easy installation.  Choose low profile trench drains for parking deck applications.  Or, use MEA's steel slot drain riser tops where drainage points need to be hidden from view.

          • Parking Garages      • Courtyards      • Sidewalks      • Perimeter Drainage
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