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MEA S1000

Polymer Concrete Trench Drain

MEA S1000 trench drainThe MEA S1000 polymer concrete trench drain system offers layout design superior to similar drains by ACO or JR Smith.  The 5.1" wide S1000 Series is available with a built-in slope, no slope or a stepped slope.  In-Line catch basins allow contractors to control water flow over the course of the run.

With an integral stainless steel edge rail, the S1000 system shows a sanitary, easily cleaned surface ideal for commercial kitchens.  The channel's edge rail enhances the S1000 system’s aesthetic appeal while providing a chemical resistant edge capable of withstanding frequent cleaning by harsh chemicals.

MEA S1000 Cheat Sheet
Channel Length 1 meter (39-3/8"), 1/2 meter (19-3/4")
Channel Width (OD) 5.125"
Channel Width (ID) 3.94"
Outlet Size 4" end or bottom
Available Slope .5%
In-line Catch basin? S1000.EK

MEAdrain Clipfix drawingMEADRAIN Clipfix

Consists of a locking bar which fits in pre-formed recess in channel wall and stainless steel bolt (slotted or hex depending on grate type) which draws the grate to the bar. Available on all MEADRAIN Products.

Grating Options

MEA’s S1000 Series offers grates to meet load requirements from residential to industrial.  Use heel-proof, slotted or mesh grates for courtyards, kitchens and wineries or choose heavier stainless steel or ductile iron grates for warehouses, breweries and other food processing facilities.

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