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MEArin 100

Fiberglass Trench Drain

MEARIN100 trench drainThe MEArin 100 Series fiberglass channel drain system out-performs residential drainage systems by NDS and Zurn.  The 5.3" wide MEArin 100 features a sturdy fiberglass channel body and provides premarked bottom outlet recesses in each unit adding design flexibility. Pre-fabricated 90 degree corners simplify design and installation around your pool or in your front courtyard.

This residential MEA drain offers a varied selection of grating for Load Classes A - C.  Choose from 20 different grating options, including durable iron grates for parking lots, galvanized grates for garages and stainless steel perforated grates for industrial kitchen applications.

Iron Age cast iron grates for the MEA-Josam trench drain system

(Some grates shown with our optional Baked on Oil Finish 'BooF')

MEArin 100 Cheat Sheet
Channel Length 1 meter (39-3/8"), 1/2 meter (19-3/4")
Channel Width (OD) 5.35"
Channel Width (ID) 4"
Outlet Size 2.8" end and bottom
Available Slope N/A
In-line Catch basin? MEArin 100 Silt Box (.5 m)


drain in front of garage carries ready-to-install kits using the MEArin 100 drain system.

You don't have to become an expert to put a professional looking drain in your patio or Driveway.

Buy nowWe offer MEArin100 complete drainage kits in your choice of the above shown decorative grates, standard cast iron, galvanized or stainless steel grates. We also carry parts and replacement grates.  Visit our online store

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