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MEA LS1000 / LZ1000

Low Profile Polymer Concrete Trench Drain

MEA LS1000 trench drainThe MEA LS1000 & LZ1000 low profile trench drain system competes with drains by ACO and Polycast.  This 5.1" wide drain series uses an integral metal edge rail (available in either LZ1000 galvanized or LS1000 stainless steel) to enhance the polymer concrete channel’s decorative appeal in public areas and to protect the channel beneath.

MEA LS1000/LZ1000 Cheat Sheet
Channel Length 1 meter (39-3/8"), 1/2 meter (19-3/4")
Channel Width (OD) 5.1" (5.75" overall)
Channel Width (ID) 4"
Outlet Size 4" bottom, 2" end
Available Slope N/A
Channel Depth (OD) 3.1" (3.3" w/bottom outlet)
Channel Depth (ID) 2.5"

Grating Options

LS1000/LZ1000 Series offers grates to meet load requirements from residential to commercial.  Use heel-proof or slotted grates for courtyards, sidewalks and patios requiring ADA compliance or choose cast iron grates for parking decks and commercial applications.

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