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MEA PG1500

Low Profile Polymer Concrete Trench Drain

MEA PG1500 trench drainThe MEA PG1500 Series polymer concrete drain is designed for parking garages.  The 6" wide drain uses a series of open slots to drain runoff water.  With its low profile, the PG1500 drain can be installed in suspended decks or suspended into preexisting concrete slabs.

PG1500 also works great as a evaporation channel for low volume runoff.

MEA PG1500 Cheat Sheet
Channel Length 1 meter (39-3/8"), 1/2 meter (19-3/4")
Channel Width (OD) 6"
Channel Width (ID) 6"
Outlet Size 3" bottom
Available Slope N/A
Channel Depth (OD) 2.125"
MEA PG1500 Accessories


Accessories for the PG1500 include a unique corner section for 90 degree turns.  Shovel accessories make for easy periodic cleanout of the channel.

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