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MEA TS1000

Top Slot Riser Frame

MEA TS1000 slot drainMEA’s Top Slot 1000 Riser Frame transforms the MEA channels into slot drains.  Available in galvanized steel and stainless steel options, the TS1000 creates a grateless drainage system, eliminating the need for locking devices.

MEA TS1000 slot drainThe TS1000 is ideal for public walkways that need to meet ADA Requirements while maintaining an aesthetic appearance.  The narrow opening hides a full channel, providing fast water removal without a tripping hazard.  Choose from a centered slot adapter or an asymmetrical adapter to meet your project's requirements.

MEA TS1000 Cheat Sheet
Riser Frame Length 1 meter (39-3/8"), 1/2 meter (19-3/4")
Frame Width (OD) 4-13/16"
Slot Opening .5", 5/16"
Compatible with? 1000 Series channels
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