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catch basin at downspoutIf you have downspout drainage problems around your home, you are not alone. In many instances, poor drainage around your foundation walls leads to damp, leaky basements.

There are a several reasons for poor downspout drainage:

Downspout drainage basins, along with trench drain, are important parts of any "Dry Basement Remedy Package".  You can direct water away from your foundation using catch basins, which are attractive, functional and low maintenance.  Plastic profile drains protect longer stretches of your foundation that a square basin cannot reach.

By adding a catch basin to an existing downspout, you can isolate and re-route storm water away from your foundation walls and keep your basement dry.  Catch basins come in a variety of sizes (up to 24" square), with grates available in plastic, brass or cast iron options.  You can even use Iron Age Decorative Cast Iron or bronze grates for an added touch of backyard elegance.


Our Drainage Specialist's Recommendations

Summer's Recommendations for Downspout Drain Systems

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Recommendations for Downspout Drainage Systems

NDS 9x9 catch basin
NDS 900 - 9" x 9" Catch Basin

The 9" x 9" NDS catch basin is a small but resilient drain.  The NDS 900 basin can be installed in compact dirt for pedestrian applications or in fresh concrete for light vehicle situations.  With standard outlets to 3" & 4" piping, choose between 1, 2, 3, or 4 outlet options on the 9" basin to suit your water requirements.

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Sun grate in NDS catch basin
NDS 1200 - 12" x 12" Catch Basin

The 12" x 12" catch basin by NDS accepts Iron Age's decorative iron grating, turning the drain from a practical necessity into an architectural design to be proud of.  With standard outlets to 3" & 4" or 6" piping, choose between 2 and 4 outlet options to gain control over your water runoff. Buy now button

NDS catch basin filter
Catch Basin Filter (by NDS)

Clogged pipes reduce the effectiveness of drainage systems resulting in standing water and damage to property.  Adding a filter is a simple solution to keep water flowing through a drainage system and a cost-effective alternative to expensive repair or replacement. Buy now button

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