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Iron Age Interlaken in NDS Mini Channel on patioTrench drains for patios and sidewalks are designed to prevent water from pooling in low spots.  In the case of a sidewalk, water usually pools at the base of steps when the sidewalk is sloped toward the step, leaving no place for the water to drain. This is similar to what happens when a backyard patio slopes toward the house foundation: storm water has nowhere to go but to the junction between the patio and foundation wall.  If there is a seam along that contact edge, water will most likely seep along the basement wall and damage the foundation.

By installing a trench drain along the base of the wall or step, you provide a conduit for the water to use that can be directed to a more suitable location other than your house.

Many trench drain options exist for this application, but the standard product uses a removable 4" to 6" grate.  Because drains can be deceptively effective, you shouldn't need a wider drain for this application.  Ultimately, you'll need to select how important aesthetics, economy, and material selection play in your drain selection.


Our Drainage Specialist's Recommendations

Summer's Recommendations for Driveway Trench Drain Systems

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Recommendations for Patio & Sidewalk Drainage Systems

Mearin 100 driveway drain w/cast iron grate

With a variety of top covers, MEARIN100 is the lightweight trench drain for your sidewalk drainage project. The 5" wide fiberglass channel drain offers corner pieces for design flexibility and silt boxes to help catch sidewalk more button

4" round bronze and aluminum grates4" round bronze slotted grate in elbow
4" Round Point Drain Grates (by TDS dropTDS)

Quickly install a point drain where needed with our 4" diameter grates. Featuring heel friendly bronze and aluminum in 3 different patterns.

Select a pattern that matches our grates made for the NDS Mini Channel system. Create a coordinated finish with your patio drains.

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NDS Mini-Channel w/slotted grate
Mini Channel (by NDS)

Choose an affordable and effective channel drain with the 3” NDS Mini Channel system.  Mini Channel offers accessories to fit any intersection, corner or angle on your project.  Featuring slotted plastic grates as well as decorative plastic, bronze, aluminum, and cast iron grates, the NDS Mini Channel guarantees a stylish finish to your sidewalk drain. read more button

decorative grates for mini channel drain

Our aluminum grates are specially formulated for longevity in harsh salt water environments.

Bronze & Aluminum Patio Grates
byTDS dropTrench Drain Systems

Blend art and utility with our cast aluminum or cast bronze grates made for the NDS Mini Channel system.  Available in three patterns - Slotted, Rain Drop or Cathedral, these grates are sure meet the aesthetic requirements of your patio.

Aluminum Grates are available in natural sand cast finish or powdercoated in a variety of colors. Bronze grates are available with a natural sand cast finish or brushed satin finish. read more button

Cast iron grates available from Trench Drain Systems
Decorative Iron Grates (by Iron Age)

Choose 3", 4", 5" or 6" wide ornamental trench drain grates by Iron Age Designs. After you have selected a pattern, see which trench system will support that grating. read more button

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