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Pool drains contain water within the pool area while providing a safe play area for children and bare feet.  Pool drains are more concerned with the presence of barefoot people and less worried about protecting the house from water issues.

A major factor for deciding which pool drain to choose is determining your balance between safety and aesthetics.  We all want to have a safe pool environment.  For pool decks that get a lot of bare foot traffic, safety and economy may be a higher priority.

Consider this:

NDS plastic mini channel deco grate optionsPlastic perforated or tightly slotted covers will be safe on the little feet and will be less costly than metal grating.  Metal grating also has the characteristic of being a good conductor of solar heat, which can be hot to the touch when walking over bare foot.  Plastic channel drain products come in an assortment of sizes and colors to help match your outside décor.

For applications where the drain completely surrounds the pool, select a system that has prefabricated corner sections which will make installation easier.  However, if you are tiling your pool deck or plan on using the area for dinner parties, you may want to lean toward selecting ornamental aluminum, bronze, or iron grating to better match the environment you want to provide. Stainless steel may also be a great option.


Our Drainage Specialist's Recommendations

Summer's Recommendations for Pool Area Trench Drain Systems

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NDS Mini-Channel w/deco Bronze grate
Mini Channel (by NDS)

Choose an affordable and effective channel drain with the 3” NDS Mini Channel.  The Mini Channel offers accessories to fit any intersection, corner or angle on your project.  Featuring slotted plastic grates as well as decorative plastic, bronze, aluminum, and cast iron grates, the NDS Mini Channel guarantees a stylish finish to your pool deck drain. read more button

fancy grates for pool areas

Our aluminum grates are specially formulated for longevity in harsh salt water environments.

Bronze & Aluminum Pool Deck Grates
byTDS dropTrench Drain Systems

Blend art and utility with our cast aluminum or cast bronze grates made for the NDS Mini Channel system.  Available in three patterns - Slotted, Rain Drop or Cathedral, these grates are sure meet the aesthetic requirements around your pool deck.

Aluminum Grates are available in natural sand cast finish or powdercoated in a variety of colors. Bronze grates are available with a natural sand cast finish or brushed satin finish. read more button

NDS Dura Slope w/perforated plastic grate
Dura Slope (by NDS)

The 6" wide Dura Slope drain features pre-sloped HDPE channels and an assortment of grate color choices. It is commonly used in municipal swimming pools and large residential drainage project. read more button

4" round bronze and aluminum grates4" round bronze slotted grate in elbow
4" Round Point Drain Grates (by TDS dropTDS)

Quickly install a point drain where needed with our 4" diameter grates. Featuring heel friendly bronze and aluminum in 3 different patterns.

Select a pattern that matches our grates made for the NDS Mini Channel system. Create a coordinated finish with your patio drains.

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Zurn Z884 w/perforated stainless grate for pool
Z884 w/Perforated Stainless grate (by Zurn)

The Zurn Z884 4.75" wide system is designed for light traffic drainage systems with depth restrictions and a high water flow rate. The Z884 system’s smooth HDPE finish guarantees efficient drainage and weather resistance.

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Infinity Drain
S(PVC) Series (by Infinity Drain)

Infinity Drain’s site-sizable channel drains feature a removable stainless steel grate inside an economically priced PVC channel. Site-sizable channel drains include corner pieces and custom outlets, allowing you to take control of your project. read more button

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