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Shower Drains Shower trench drains open up the bathroom and make bathing easier for the aging.  Conventional baths and showers have rims that can be difficult for those with wheel chairs or walkers.  A shower with a trench drain across the entrance provides a nice way to keep water confined to the intended enclosure while also making pedestrian traffic barrier–free.

The stainless steel shower drain market is settling, but products can be pricey because of the fluctuating cost of raw material.  Plastic and polymer concrete channels are more cost effective but don’t offer flanges.  Ultimately, the shower drain selection you make depends on the type of floor you are building into your shower.

Installing a Shower Drain in Wooden Joist Floors

Your first consideration should be matching the shower trench drain with the flooring.  Though some floors are concrete, most residential floors are built on a wooden framework of joists.  Drains that are being put into traditional wooden joist floors require a flange around the drain body for installation and are stainless steel.

Installing a Shower Drain in Concrete Floors

You can install a more traditional trench drain body if installing the shower drain in a bed of concrete.  Flange-free polymer concrete and plastic bodied drains are available for this type of flooring.  Though they still require a waterproofing membrane, installation is a little more straightforward.


Our Drainage Specialist's Recommendations

Hannah's Recommendations for Shower Drain Systems

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Infinity Shower drainFF Series by Infinity Drain

Infinity Drain’s FF Series stainless drain kits make your shower installation faster than ever.  The Fixed Flange Series comes pre-pitched for quicker drainage and is easily installed in joist floors.  Available in three widths and four top cover designs, an FF Series kit will make the difference in your bathroom.

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Custom Stainless Steel by TDS dropTrench Drain Systems

Custom Stainless shower drain by TDSGet the shower drain that’s right for your bathroom with custom stainless shower drains by Trench Drain Systems.  Custom shower drains let you tailor width, slope, outlet positioning and top cover to your preferences. 

If you can imagine it, Trench Drain Systems can design it.

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QuickDrain Shower DrainProLine Drain by QuickDrain USA

QuickDrain's stainless shower kits simplify your bathroom construction experience.  Pre-pitched channels ensure fast water drainage while drain accessories help the shower floor slope toward the drain.

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