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ship at dockSince truck terminals and shipping ports see significant tractor trailer and forklift traffic, trench drain systems in terminals need to be HS20 or HS25 load rated and wide enough to capture large water flow from concrete lot.

Terminal buildings, where fork truck traffic with concentrated wheel loads are high, have lower drainage requirements.  Here, 4" wide drainage systems with cast iron grates and frames are common.

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Our Drainage Specialist's Recommendations

Randy's Recommendations for Terminal / Port Drain Systems

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Polycast 700 Series w/deco cobblestone grate
Polycast 700 Series (by Hubbell)

This 6" polymer concrete trench drain system is reinforced by cast iron frames and iron grating to create Class E and Class F load rating.  The 700 Series' polymer concrete channel gives the system high compression resistance and makes it chemical resistant. read more button

MEA EN1000 Series
EN1000 Series (by MEA)

With a total width of 5.5" and a 4" interior, the EN1000 Series utilizes integral iron rails and iron grates to boost its load rating to Class E or Class F.  The system offers bottom and end outlet options as well as multiple slope options for contractors who need design flexibility. read more button

EconoDrain No. 6 Series
EconoDrain No. 6 Series (by MultiDrain)

The 6" former system by Multidrain Systems combines the flexibility of a frame-and-grate system with the convenience of a modular trench drain. The system's heavy duty cast iron grates and frames reinforce the concrete channel body, creating a durable more button

Neenah Trench Drain R-4999 Series
R-4990 Series (by NFCO)

Neenah Foundry offers heavy duty frame-and-grate systems guaranteed to withstand trucking terminals and port traffic.  Grates can be bolted down for additional stability.  Choose from a selection of widths to meet your flow requirements. read more button

FP1200 high volume drain system
FP1200 by TDS dropTrench Drain Systems

The FP1200 Series is a Pre-Sloped Trench Drain System for very high water flow situations. This drain is 12" wide and comes in both 4' and 8' lengths for maximum flexibility. FP1200 is designed specifically for fast installation utilizing 96 inch long more button

TrenchFormer drain system by ABT
Trenchformer (by ABT)

This poured-in-place trench former system lets you select width, depth, shape and slope rate for a fully customizable drain. With expanded polystyrene forms, TrenchFormer® installs 10 percent quicker than cast-in-place foundry systems without the expensive framing more button

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