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SS600 stainless pre-sloped trench drain w/stainless bar grate
Commercial – Industrial – Custom

Stainless steel trench drains are an efficient, sanitary drainage solution for industrial mills, commercial & restaurant kitchens, and residential showers.  With custom steel drains, homeowners and contractors can build stainless drains that directly meet their project's criteria.  Custom stainless steel drains offer a flexible, affordable drainage system that competes with leading manufacturers.

stainless trench drainsStainless Trench Drains

Custom stainless steel trench drains provide rapid drainage for industrial and sanitary applications such as breweries, wineries, chemical plants and commercial kitchens.  Available in customizable widths and slope options, stainless trench drains can solve any drainage situation.

SS600 stainless trench drain

This 6.25" (OD) 16 ga stainless steel channels feature a built-in 1.0% slope... read more

Zurn Z890 stainless trench drain

The Zurn Z890 System is the pillar of Zurn's Sani-Flo product line. read more

Zurn Z895 stainless trench drain

The 12 inch Z895 provides faster drainage than other stainless drains of its kind. read more

custom stainless trench drain

Custom stainless trench drains are manufactured to US FDA standards with slope options... read more

stainless slot drainsStainless Slot Drains

Get a minimalist linear drain system with a pre-sloped stainless slot drain.  Slot drains provide excellent sanitation by eliminating grooves and accessories that can collect bacteria.  Available with slot openings from 1/2" to 1-1/4", slot drains keep food processing and industrial applications sanitary and keep the floors dry.

9000 Series
Stainless slot drain

The 9000 Series Slot Drain is offered in Stainless, Galvanized or Fiberglass.

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6000 Series
Stainless slot drain - 6000 Series

6000 Series is available in stainless or galv. steel with a 0.5% slope.

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7000 Series
Stainless slot drain - 7000 Series

The 7000 Series is the best option for landscaping applications.

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Zurn Z891 trench drain

Zurn’s Z891 offers fast and easy drainage with a standard 3/4" throat.

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stainless grates for drainage

Stainless Grates

Replace old trench drain grates with stainless steel grating. Stainless trench grates are available in slotted, perforated and decorative patterns. Made from 304 or 316 stainless steel, these grates are chemical and heavy-load resistant.

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View our stainless steel grating table
  Stainless Grate Benefits
  • Stainless steel grates are non-rusting and long lasting
  • Choose a stainless grating design to match your project
  • Durable 316 steel withstands greater chemical exposure

stainless shower drainsStainless Shower Drains

Custom stainless shower drains offer an affordable option for any shower design.  Pre-sloped shower drains facilitate fast water drainage at any width.  Our 304 stainless steel weathers heat and chemical warping.

QuickDrain ProLine
linear shower drain - handicapped

ProLine Shower Drains simplify bathroom flooring & offers six styles of grating.

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Infinity S-AS Series
Infinity Drain S-AS

Site Sizable Stainless Linear Drains designed for tight installation and on-site customization.

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Infinity FF Series
Infinity Drain FF Series shower drain

Fixed Flange Series features a pre-pitched stainless channel with a central, vertical outlet.

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Infinity FT Series
Infinity Drain FT Series shower drain

Standard flanged stainless drain with the convenience of a side outlet for shallow floor situations.

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Infinity FX Series
Infinity Drain FX Series shower drain

Fixed length linear drains combines a pre-pitched channel with stainless grating options.

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